Daily Mini Interview: Minivenger

Miniatures by Minivenger

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minivenger-dailymini-interview-photo1What types of miniatures do you make?

Right now, I mostly make food and packaging minis in 1:12 scale. Lately, I’ve been creating miniature figures and dioramas.

What materials do you use to make miniatures?

I use polymer clay for food miniatures. I also use all different kinds of materials when I make non-food items.

How long have you been working with miniatures?

I started making miniatures a few years ago but stopped for about a year because of my second pregnancy. This time around, I’ve only been creating for 1 year.

minivenger-dailymini-interview-photo4What artists or works inspire you the most?

I tend to find inspiration in random photos from a Google image search.

Any advice you would give to new artists or miniaturists?

I myself am still trying to find ways to improve my work. Most of all I would say: be creative!

Favorite miniature you own or have made?


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sewer diorama.

What is the oddest or most unique miniature work you’ve ever seen?

All sculptures by Alan Wolfson.

Why miniatures?

I’ve always liked mini things since I was little. One day I decided to make one on my own with polymer clay and it was so much fun. The rest is history!


Other hobbies you enjoy?


When I’m not making miniatures, I love spending time with my sons.


Yoko is currently based in Japan. For more of her marvelous miniature adventures, head to Instagram or visit her website.