Daily Mini Interview: ChocoMintCandy

Miniatures by ChocoMintCandy

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What types of miniatures do you make?
Right now, I primarily make food miniatures and cute charms. I’m currently considering other kinds of miniatures such as furniture, household items, and more.

chocomintcandy-dailymini-photo1What materials do you use to make miniatures?
I frequently use polymer clay for my miniatures, but sometimes I will use other materials such as paper, metal, and wood.

How long have you been working with miniatures?
From 2010 to 2013, I created super simple miniatures out of air dry clay. In November 2013, I began experimenting with polymer clay which led to much more detailed and smaller miniatures.

What artists inspire you?chocomintcandy-dailymini-photo2
I look for inspiration in a lot of artists on Instagram. Some of my favorite accounts are Nunu’s House, SugarCharmShop, Minivenger, xoxRufus and lots of artists featured on The Daily Miniature. Food is also my inspiration!

Advice for new miniaturists and beginner artists?
Be positive! To me, positivity is one of the key things to working with miniatures. Your attitude will shine through in your creation, so you should never go into a project with negative feelings.

chocomintcandy-dailymini-photo3Favorite miniature you own or have made?
My favorite miniature I’ve ever made is a brownie with ice cream! It was featured by the award-winning cooking site, Food52!

Oddest miniature you have ever seen?
The strangest miniature I have ever seen is a tiny box of tampons by Magpies Miniatures!

Why miniatures?chocomintcandy-dailymini-photo4
I love seeing miniatures and I love making miniatures. When I was younger, I used to love Re-Ment Miniatures and mini erasers. I still do! When I discovered that I could create miniature things on my own, it immediately motivated me. I got so excited that I could make my own unique miniatures without relying on other brands or stores. Miniatures are very appealing to me. I find them to be fascinating and so cute!

chocomintcandy-dailymini-photo5What other hobbies do you have?
I love drawing, decorating, and photography. Recently I’ve taken up baking!

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for interviewing me! I really love the concept of dailymini as a place to share miniatures from around the world. Thanks to those of you reading this and stay tuned for news of my Etsy shop!

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