Daily Mini Feature: Hobby Builders Supply and miniatures.com Announce Winners of 24th Annual Creatin’ Contest

2017 Creatin’ Contest Winners

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Hobby Builders Supply/miniatures.com, manufacturer and wholesaler of quality dollhouse components since 1975, has announced the winners from its 2017/24th Annual Creatin’ Contest. The recently completed contest centered around the Craftsman Cabin. There were nearly 100 entrants from 32 states, Canada, and the Netherlands. More than 50 percent were first time entrants. They used their imagination to create many different designs, with the most popular being houses, camps or retreats, restaurants or cafés, and retail businesses.

“We are happy to see so many interesting and creative projects,” said Kara Deason, Marketing Director for Houseworks Ltd. She continued:

“The fact that 51% of our entrants were first-timers tells us that miniatures continue to gain interest from the general population and we see different generations working together to complete amazing projects.”

Grand prize winner is Kelly Havens with Cottage by the Sea. Kelly is from Lenexa, Kansas and shared the following, “I had so much fun working on this kit to create Cottage by the Sea, and I am beyond excited to win! The kit was so different than the typical dollhouse. The shape of the original kit, being more square, was a challenge to arrange the interior. It made me think more creatively about what this kit could become.”

“It was my first time to alter an original kit, make paper clay shingles, all the flowers, the front door, stitch the rugs and needlepoint pictures, dress the bed, use battery lights, build a garage and fill it with tools and other stuff! My advice is to make something personal that reflects things in your life that you enjoy or love. By making my house personal, all these passions and dreams are reflected in the end product!”

First place winner is Sharon Elgin of Boonville, Indiana with the Quest Travel Agency. According to Sharon, “What I like best about Quest Travel is how it reminds me of that sense of excitement my husband and I experienced when we booked our first big trip years ago and received our travel documents from our travel agent.The upward slant of the kit’s roof gave me the idea to build an addition with a 2nd roof ‘soaring’ in the opposite direction. This impression of flight inspired me to create a travel agency. I felt the entrance should be on the left side, so I built the kit in reverse. I made the agents’ desks, client chairs, file cabinets, window cornices, many of the accessories, and shelves from scratch. I’m so excited to have placed first in this wonderful contest!”

Second place goes to Sandy O’Grady with Frankie’s Garage. Sandy is from Longmont, Colorado and says, “I have always tried to create unusual projects. This contest is the first I have ever entered. As I pre-fit the bungalow kit, I realized that it could be easily adapted into the garage I was planning as a surprise for my son.”

“I decided to make this garage as realistic as I could, so I knew I would have to ‘grunge’ it up. I am a very tidy person, so I had to think hard about how to achieve it. I learned a lot about how to make a building look old, dirty and dilapidated, finally settling on using watered down acrylic paints and a cloth to blot them. And I found that lighting really makes the scene or setting come to life and sets the mood.”

Third place is Kristine Hanna from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with Belmont House. According to Kristine, “When I first saw the kit I fell in love with its blend of modern and traditional design. The little windows in the loft space made me think of modern homes with glass fronts. I was really surprised at how easily the kit fit and joined together. I think having the walls and floors slot together and be so sturdy is what made making any structural changes possible. The windows at the front ended up being my favorite part of the house. They offer a lot of light and visibility into the interior and open, allowing hands in to decorate!”

“The biggest thing I learned from this build is to plan at the beginning. The moment I finalized my design the whole process went so much smoother and quicker. The best part of participating is that I now have a completely finished dollhouse to display my favorite miniatures! The contest was the best motivation to get it completed and really challenge myself. I can definitely see why so many people take part every year!”

The 2018/25th Annual Creatin’ Contest features the new and exclusive Three Gables House Kit. The kit has been designed specifically for HBS/miniatures.com and has features to make assembly easier. Entries are due by December 17, 2018 and you can order the kit here. Like this past year, grand prize is a $1,000 HBS/miniatures.com gift certificate. Gift certificates will be awarded ($500, $300, $200 for first place, second and third), $200 for first-time entrants, and $50 each for honorable mention. A thank you gift is given to all that enter the contest.

Houseworks Ltd. has manufactured and provided quality dollhouse components to thousands of dealers and distributors around the world. Houseworks Ltd., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, was founded in 1975 by Mickey Benamy, and remains a family-owned business. Over the years, Houseworks Ltd. has established a level of excellence in quality, design and service. Its standard has become the industry benchmark. Houseworks Ltd. sells products as Hobby Builders Supply/miniatures.com.

Hobby Builders Supply, Houseworks Ltd., and miniatures.com are major players in the miniatures business. To see more of the Creatin’ Contest entries including first-time entrants’ houses, flip through this slideshow. To learn more about the Hobby Builders Supply and miniatures.com team, check out this recent dailymini featureFollow along to see what’s happening in the miniatures world: Small Talk blogInstagramFacebookPinterest, and Twitter