Daily Mini Interview: Miniature Drawings by Rebecca Smith of Smiths Little Things

Miniatures by Rebecca Smith of Smiths Little Things

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img_2721What’s your earliest memory with fine arts?

I was always the “art student” throughout my schooling years. I went on to study visual arts at university and following that, I became a secondary school art and media teacher. At this point, time for my own passions was in short supply and my own art practice was put on hold for a while. However, on my recent maternity leave, I was able to experiment with my art practice further. This led to the concept of ballpoint pen miniatures — drawings I could create whilst the baby was asleep. Now, back at work, I have continued this practice.

Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by Edi Oliveira Merez of Ideias & Coisas

Miniatures by Edi Oliveira Merez of Ideias & Coisas – arte em miniaturas

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dscn8084-refeita-finalWhat was the first miniature you created?

My first miniature was a kitchen setting made of paper.

How did you first get started making miniature orchids?

I started making miniature orchids when I accompanied my husband to an event of an orchid-related group that he attended. I made an orchid as a prize for a raffle they were organizing.

And what type of orchid was the miniature prize?

Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by Sergio Macedo Netto

Miniatures by Sergio Macedo Netto

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10336615_866313513394805_7200621048449214790_nWhat’s your earliest memory with miniatures?

Actually, I already made models of houses, buildings, planes, helicopters with paper, glue and ink in my childhood, in the 1980s. But since 1990, (when I was 16 years old) I began to work with better materials like plastics, metal and wood. Around 1990 I also thought to make replicas of real objects in accurate scale. I made a vacuum cleaner, insecticide bottle, guitar, bike, and, of course, airplanes and helicopters (love these machines).

How did you first get started making miniatures? 

Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by Yelena Vakker

Miniatures by Yelena Vakker

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the one for the local shopWhat’s your earliest memory with miniatures? 

I loved playing with Polly Pocket sets from the ’90s. 

How did you first get started making miniatures? 

I love watching the puppet stop motion animation films. As a kid I wanted to be a part of the team that does the props like clothes, objects and landscapes. I also played a lot with LEGO and plasticine

What does “kreaschief” mean?  

Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by Awesome, Thanks

Miniatures by Devin Smith of Awesome, Thanks

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0825161410a (1)What’s your earliest memory with miniatures?

As a child, I recall building little cities and places for my toys. One that I specifically remember making was of my Dad. I made the building that he worked at out of LEGOs and random pieces, with him working inside. The parking lot was simply a piece of paper that I had drawn on with markers and a toy matchbox car that look similar to his real one.

Daily Mini Interview: Tic Tac® Presents Little Adventures Created by The Martin Agency

Tic Tac® Presents Little Adventures (Created by The Martin Agency)

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Tell us a bit about the concept behind Tic Tac’s Little Adventures.

Our “Go Little” campaign is all about getting people to think about “little” in a new way. To show that little can do big things. To get folks not to underestimate little. Little Adventures is a fun, silly, ridiculous way to do that. —Mark Habke, Copywriter

What were some of your inspirations behind the Little Adventures campaign?

Daily Mini Interview: Timber Chouse Studios

Timber Chouse Studios by Rebecca Reeves

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Rebecca Reeves
Dirt Crimes, Drippings

What’s your earliest memory with miniatures?

First memory of miniature objects was when I was in kindergarten. We were studying the letter B and the teacher outlined a simple boat with a single sail on construction paper. Then, a glorious box of antique buttons was presented to us. Everyone grabbed handfuls and glued them down along the outline of the sailboat. As for me, I sifted through and carefully selected only the tiniest buttons. The entire class was done within the timeframe, except me. The teacher allowed me to take my time to finish my first tiny masterpiece. To this day, I wish I still had this piece.

Daily Mini Interview: Gulipeksanat Miniatures by Gül İpek

Gulipeksanat Miniatures by Gül İpek

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www.gulipeksanat.com By Gül ipek 2016What’s your earliest memory with miniatures? What was the first miniature you made?

When I was five years old, I mixed water and flour and made dough. From that dough, I made a rose which then I painted red. Since it was made of dough, I could not keep it sadly.

How did you first get started making miniatures? 

I was 16 when I made my first real miniature, which was a greengrocer. I have always been a creative and imaginative person, and miniatures were a way to express it.

Daily Mini Interview: Dieorama Miniature Scenes by Abigail Goldman

Dieoramas and Miniature Crime Scenes by Abigail Goldman

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Goldman_Blind_DateHow did you first get started making dieorama miniature scenes? 

I started making dieoramas as a personal project and as the occasional gift for a friend. I have always been fascinated by crime and bad behavior – I spent many years working in Las Vegas as a newspaper reporter covering what I called “oddities and tragedies.” Then I began working as an investigator for the Federal Public Defender in Nevada.

First miniature scene you created? 

Daily Mini Interview: Miniature Sculptures by Thomas Doyle

Miniature Sculptures by Thomas Doyle, Rendered in 1:43 to 1:87 Scale

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Untitled_passthrough_work2What’s your earliest memory with miniatures?

I was fascinated with miniatures as a child. At the age of four or five, I woke on a weekend before my parents were up, grabbed some Play-Doh, a piece of 2×4, and a cheap plastic penguin, and created a little scene: white Play-Doh for snow, blue for water. I was excited by the idea of a world made for the penguin; it seemed to take the toy to a new level, bringing it to “life” in a way I had not experienced before. That fascination continued off and on throughout my childhood, as I made environments for action figures and the like out of wood, shoeboxes, etc.