Daily Mini Trend: Maria Buonagura on Mini Handbags

Mini Trend: Mini Handbags

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Hermès mini handbag

With much of the world finally recognizing the beauty and artistry for all things small, last fall the fashion industry—in all its fickleness—previewed what trendy women will be wearing this Summer of 2017.

Large luxury houses such as Valentino, Fendi and Hermès had models walking the European runways with the most captivating and intricately-designed mini handbags.

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Let’s try to overlook the costs and concentrate on the genius. These designs show fashionable women that you don’t need to walk around with a cumbersome feedbag to be in style this upcoming summer season.

Miu Miu bag in miniature by Phillip Nuveen

My favorite mini handbags were shown by the British fashion accessory designer Anya Hindmarch. Her attention to detail and color along with her sense of humor provide a much-needed change in a rather boring-lately handbag industry.

Some may wonder what can possibly fit in one of these minis. As a devotee of the look for a long time, my answer is a lipstick, cash, your driver’s license and keys.

What more do you need if you’re going on an evening walk with your neighbor, catching a new movie with your honey or attending your favorite cousins wedding?

It’s just another reason to think mini.

Maria Buonagura has more than two decades of experience in the fashion industry, previously working as a stylist, buyer and fashion photographer’s assistant. Check out her Coroflot profile to learn more. Like what you see here? Stay tuned for more “daily mini trends” to come! To add miniature handbags to your collection, check out Phillip Nuveen miniatures today or browse Etsy for new mini handbag designs.

Anya Hindmarch mini handbag
Valentino mini handbag
Fendi mini handbag
Chloe mini handbag
Armani mini handbag
Akris mini handbag

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