Daily Mini Interview: Pei Li’s Miniatures

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img_3981When did you first pick up clay and learn to sculpt?

My first encounter with air dry clay started way back before 2005 when I attended some workshops locally. I made miniature vignettes out of paper clay and had a lot of fun. That started my miniature making journey.

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Do you have a favorite clay technique and are there any left on your must-learn list? 

I don’t have an exact favorite clay technique as I am always experimenting and learning, but I focus on air dry clay techniques. I love exploring with all the different air dry clays in the market and understanding each of their unique capabilities. Once I understand their different characteristics, I will know how and when to incorporate them in my work. I also love making each item come to life by combining color, clay, and sculpting techniques. I hope that all who see my work are able to feel a sense of liveliness and gentleness in that art piece.

IMG_4049.JPGI think the must-learn list is always being updated as the miniature industry is constantly evolving. I don’t think there will be a point where there is nothing more to learn.

Can you talk us through your making process? How do you start a piece? 

I don’t have a fixed way to start a piece, but typically I start with an idea in mind or a picture I can refer to. I draw inspiration from real life. I prefer working on the most difficult components first because once that is completed, I know I can piece the rest of the other components more easily. So, in the context of a flower arrangement, I’ll always start working on the main flowers first, then the smaller flowers and the leaves will be last. I’ve learnt to multitask working with air dry clay because items have to be dried before I can move onto the next step. Thus, I am always working on something else in between drying times.

IMG_2612.JPGWhat’s your favorite part of the making process?

My favorite part of the making process is seeing what I’m working on coming to life. Each piece is unique and has its own place.

What does miniature craft mean to you?

I am truly blessed to be part of this miniature crafting journey. I’m able to combine a lot of what I love in real life — color, wood work, clay techniques all into one passion. Many years ago, I wouldn’t believe that I could turn raw supplies such as clay, wood and acrylic colors into miniature art pieces. Personally, miniature craft was my way to express creativity and individuality. I make what I love in real life. It is therapeutic and taught me many things — patience, gentleness, discipline are just a few.

Pei Li is a miniature patisserie chef who specializes in highly realistic unique 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures. To see more work, check out Pei Li Miniatures websiteInstagram, blogFacebook, and TumblrWin your own miniature flowers by Pei Li as part of the current @dailyminicontest! And don’t forget to shop online via Etsy.