Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by MGArtwork

Miniatures by MGArtwork

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Lucy Val&Tine
Lucy the beagle with bunnies Val and Tine.

What is it about animals that inspires you to create them in miniature? 

I love animals, and was drawn to them ever since I can remember. They are very honest, and they love you for who you are, and never judge you. Animals have a pure soul! I always wanted to have pets, and I think that not having one drove me to “create” them myself.

Favorite type of animal that you enjoy making in miniature? 

It’s really hard to choose… they’re all fun to create, and each one brings new challenges.

What miniature animals would you like to create next? 

There are many animals that I’d love to create… some dog breeds I haven’t tried to sculpt yet, and exotic or wild birds. Perhaps I’ll work on more types of domestic animals like squirrels and birds. Apart from that, I would really love to try sculpting a miniature doll or human figure.

Edgar the cat.

Describe the process of making a miniature animal.

  1. It starts by searching the Internet for some good reference photos, specifically any photo that provides good details of the animal.
  2. Then, I start the sculpture by creating a wire armature that I cover with FIMO clay and bake.
  3. Next, I start to sculpt the animal over the wire armature I created.
  4. After I finish the sculpture, I bake the clay in the oven. I bake it several times as I build the figure.
  5. After the final bake, I give the sculpture a coat of acrylic paint (using all different colors for the animal I’m creating).
  6. Then I start to work on its fur coat, using synthetic fur or wool, which I apply through two different techniques. On areas where the fur is short (usually the face, ears, legs) I apply fur with some glue. On areas where the fur is longer, I apply the fur carefully layer by layer in the appropriate growth direction.
  7. Then the final and fun touch: I give the fur coat highlights and shading with acrylic pains, to give the animal a more authentic look.

All my pieces are OOAK (one-of-a-kind), 100% handmade, unique sculptures. It’s a long process, and each animal takes many hours to complete. I pay attention to details to make them as realistic as I can, and do my very best with each piece I create. Over all, it’s well worth the time and effort!

LemurDo you have a favorite miniature that you’ve made? 

Yes, I created a miniature lemur (the one in the picture) which I really like and can’t part with. I love it because it’s something I wanted to add to my own little collection for a very, very long time. The ring-tailed lemur is a very special animal to me, and I just love their fur style and pattern.

Tool or material you can’t live without? 

I definitely can’t live without polymer clay (my favorite one to use is FIMO). I have three major tools I love to use, including a needle.

Brooke the bull terrier.

What inspires you?

Music and nature!

Advice for beginner sculptors?

Never give up! Don’t be disappointed if you do not meet your expectations. You’ll see that with practice and time, you’ve made a marked improvement on each sculpture you create!

Why miniatures? What appeals to you most about what you do?

It’s really fascinating, and I love the challenge of creating realistic animals in such tiny scale.

Horace the bunny.

Other hobbies you enjoy?

I enjoy good music. All my hobbies are basically on the creative side, especially the miniature category.

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