Daily Mini Interview: Gothwik Miniature World

Gothwik Miniature World and Diorama Scenes

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img_1188-copyTell us a bit about Gothwik and this project.

Are you a misfit? Do you wish there was a place you could go to find your tribe? Do you think darkness is downright dreamy?

If you do, then, Gothwik is for you! It’s inhabited by a host of benevolent monsters, oddballs, and beasts. It’s a place where all those that feel lost are welcome and no bones are given about who you are or what you are. A place where you can let your hair (or fur) down!

At Gothwik they say Carpe Noctem. Seize the Night!

How did you get into miniatures and mini making?

The Gothwik world, accouterments and all of its inhabitants are all handcrafted in miniature by an anonymous artist who is dedicated to small fine details and story telling and was influenced at an early age to be a maker.

Where did you get the idea for Gothwik?img_1179-copy

Inspired by Rankin/Bass famous stop motion movies, The Munsters and The Addams Familythe artist says, “I am very happy making art. I trust the world I create more than anything else.”

Tell us more about the Gothwik cast of characters.

Character names and commentary are not provided so that the viewer can interact with each scene and make their own stories about the Gothwik world. I remain anonymous because I want my characters and their world to take center stage.

Bendable framework characters and items are created with a variety of mixed media materials. It can take days to create a character and their objects for one photograph and I never run out of inspiration for ideas.

Will there be new Gothwik characters in the future?

New characters will constantly appear and inhabit the miniature world.


What else goes into your miniature making process?

To enhance the scene I have incorporated some Photoshop effects, such as flying birds and weather events in hopes that it makes the little world more believable.

What’s happening in Gothwik’s miniature world these days?

Currently at Gothwik they are celebrating Grimmas, their version of the festive season and they have their own ways and customs during this time.

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