Daily Mini Interview: Elliot Hopes Art and Two Brains Make One

Elliot Hopes Art

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tumblr_nnezev73sy1u9rwxzo2_1280What’s your earliest memory with miniatures?

The earliest memory I have with miniatures is being a very young child on the beach with my brothers and sister. We would make miniature cities from things we found on the beach. I can always remember making mini football pitches in the sand using twigs as goal posts and loose bits of fishing net.

How did you get started making miniatures of your own?

I haven’t been making miniatures very long; I graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth last year and in my first year, we were given a project to recreate an artist studio. I was sick of drawing so I asked if I could build a mini studio instead. Luckily they said yes, and I made Francis Bacon’s. I got really into it and my mum bought me Joe Fig’s Inside the Artist’s Studio and I discovered Charles Matton’s work. That’s where my interest comes from. Those two are still my biggest inspirations.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 23.24.17Do you keep all the miniatures you make?

I always liked collecting miniature things and making things, but I don’t have any of them anymore. I made a mini card cut-out stop motion to Chris Isaak’s song “Wicked Games.” It was about two merpeople falling in love; that was pretty funny.

What’s your favorite type of miniature to make?

My favorite type of miniature to make is a cluttered space that allows me to be really intricate. I think this is why I enjoyed making Antony Micallef’s studio, as there’s so much going on in a small space. I’m making a recreation of a café at the moment, and I’m enjoying it a lot for the same reasons. I think I like these spaces the most because I like busy images, something that you can look at again and again but keep seeing different things. I prefer making one piece that will take a long time rather than lots of little pieces. I like the patience that is needed to make miniatures; it can be very therapeutic.

Most challenging aspect of your work with miniatures?

I’m trying to use lots of new materials at the moment. I love to get the look you can get using metals with miniatures, but I find these to be the hardest.

static1.squarespace-2Favorite miniature you own?

In terms of my own work, I find every new piece I make becomes my new favorite so hopefully that trend will continue…

Advice for new miniaturists?

If I was to give any artist new to miniatures advice it would be to listen to the Harry Potter audio books, it’s the perfect thing to work to.

What inspires you?

For me, interesting interiors are my biggest inspiration. I’m always looking for new rooms that I think will make good miniatures. As my work progresses, I’m starting to see more of a pattern in the things I like – mostly cluttered rooms.

static1.squarespaceMost memorable miniature you’ve seen?

There’s an amazing photo of Charles Matton placing a chair into one of his miniature scenes; that’s the most memorable for me.

Why miniatures?

While I was at Arts University, I started to notice how people’s work was a massive reflection of their own personality. I think the same can be said for me. To make miniatures you need to be patient, calm, and have a good eye for detail. And so, I think it makes sense for me to do miniatures.

What’s to come from Elliot Hopes?

I’m currently working on another miniature – it’s a recreation of a café I worked in and I think it suits my style a lot. I want to branch out and start doing all sorts of rooms. I’m tiling the walls at the moment and it’s looking pretty cool. static1.squarespace-1If you check my Instagram you can see some of the food I’ve been making for it as well. I like the personal aspect of making someone’s studio, house, or café because it can become very special to them.

Words you live by?

I think it’s very important to do the thing you enjoy the most.

What do you want miniature enthusiasts to know about you?

I’ve recently started working with another artist and we’ve opened a shop on Etsy called Two Brains Make One. All my work is going to be available to buy from there so check it out!

Elliot Hopes Art and Two Brains Make One were created by Elliot Hopes who currently lives in Bath, United Kingdom. To see more of his work, check out his website, shop on Etsy, or follow along on Instagram