Daily Mini Interview: CUBi Dice, World’s Smallest Titanium Dice

CUBi Dice: World’s Smallest Titanium Dice

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fingertipDescribe the development of CUBi dice. 

CUBi dice is my first miniature work. I always like to set a new challenges to myself. One of my biggest passions is CNC machining, and the idea about CUBi came up as a challenge to create the smallest gaming die with precise machining. There have been other small dice on the market but none of them have been made with CNC machining.

What goes into making one die? 

Each die is made with three steps. The first step is machining where a small piece of titanium is put very carefully in a CNC mill and the precise shape and holes of CUBi are made. The next step is polishing each side of a die. This process is done by a hand, and the purpose of it is to make the dice smoother after machining. The last step is a final surface finish to give the die a stunning look. For this step, I have chosen bead blasting that creates a smooth matte look and highlights the beautiful titanium color.

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coin1What is the most challenging aspect of making CUBi dice?

The most challenging part is fastening the die in the mill. Each side of CUBi is made separately, therefore you need to be extremely careful not to damage the work. This process could be compared to making a jewelry piece. It is hard for manufacturing, but I love it because that makes the CUBi more exclusive.

Approximately how many CUBi dice have been made?

For now, I have made more than 30 CUBi dice. They come in sets of two, four and six. Each set comes in a special stainless steel keychain where it can be stored. The keychain is also CNC machined and very small not to make your pocket stuffed.

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Approximately how long does it take to make one CUBi die?

Creating one CUBi die takes about half an hour. Of course, with large scale manufacturing, this time could be reduced.

compHave you ever considered making other “world’s smallest” works?

Yes, I have great plans in the future, especially works made with CNC machining and small scale works, as well. I don’t want to reveal any details at this time, as I’m only in an early development stage.

What advice would you give to new artists?

Don’t be afraid to bring your ideas to life, even the crazy ones. I believe that true innovation comes from people that are not afraid to fulfill their dreams.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by a passion that comes from others. A person truly passionate about what he or she is doing excites and motivates me the most.keychain1

What is the most memorable miniature you have ever seen?

I really love Thomas Doyle’s tragic miniatures. There is something special about his works. They are so realistic that it feels like real-time events have been frozen in small size artworks.

What would you like to see in miniature?

Pretty much anything can be found in small scale, but the next level would be to add movement and functionality to these small works.

on dollar billlWhy miniature dice? What appeals to you most about what you do?

Because it is an icon of gaming world. I love how games connect people and I wanted to create something that represents the game itself. The other goal of this project was to show the limit of precise machining.

What’s to come from CUBi dice?

I have some great ideas for upcoming projects, but for now I am focused on CUBi dice only. I have decided to make it available to everyone and to start large scale production. In my opinion, the best way to do that would be through crowdfunding where I could see potential customers respond to the product and get all the necessary funds to start manufacturing at the same time. Therefore, I launched a Kickstarter campaign this month.

Words you live by?

1. Find your dream and follow it.
2. Do the things that matter to you and your beloved ones.

key chainOther activities you enjoy?

I enjoy creating design products both functional and beautiful. I really love classic motorcycles. I am planning to create my own project in due time. Sports and a healthy lifestyle are my passions, as well.

What do you want “world’s smallest” fans to know about you?

If you like my CUBi dice project you are welcome to find it on Kickstarter. I would be super thankful if you would support me and share my project with your friends.

CUBi dice, the smallest titanium dice in the world, was designed and created by Kristaps Krisjans who is based in London, United Kingdom. You can support the design and production of CUBi dice by donating on Kickstarter. Check out the CUBi dice website for more information, and make sure to follow along on InstagramTwitter, and YouTube.

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