Daily Mini Feature: Hobby Builders Supply/miniatures.com Announces Creatin’ Contest Winners

This Just In: Creatin’ Contest Winners Announced

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Hobby Builders Supply/miniatures.com recently announced the winners from its 25th Annual Creatin’ Contest.  The recently completed contest centered around the Three Gables House Kit, with nearly 100 entrants from more than 30 states and more than 50% first time entrants.

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Sheila Lester – Grand Prize Winner

Grand prize winner is Sheila Lester of Denton, Texas with her creation, The Wicked Queen’s Retirement Cottage. Says Sheila, “I loved the cottage look and how easily it lent itself to different styles, and I fell in love with the idea of a Tudor era cottage that had been ‘improved upon’ over the years. I was so passionate about the whole project and learned so much. I love how the exterior looks — the stone, wood and plaster, and then the brick tower — and I really love the stillroom/laboratory.”

Karen Hritz – First Place Winner

Sheila put a lot of thought and research into the whole house so it would be as historically accurate as possible. “You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about architecture, history and all the different methods of building a house, miniature or life size. The project was something I absolutely loved from start to finish and just looking at it makes me happy. There is a whole world of wonderful supportive miniaturists out there who love to share their knowledge and work. I would never have had the nerve to create this house if it wasn’t for all of them, and my husband, cheering me on.”


First place winner is Karen Hritz of Stone Mountain, Georgia with her Crafter’s Retreat. According to Karen, “When I saw the kit for 2018, my first thought was I need a real one of those in my back yard! What crafter wouldn’t want a space dedicated to working on projects? I would, and so would my mini-me! It accommodates both of my favorite hobbies – quilting and dollhouses! My favorite parts of my Crafter’s Retreat are the screen porch with a wicker porch swing and the ‘stash cabinet’ that holds quilting fabrics.”

Sarah Santosa – Second Place Winner

Second place goes to Sarah Santosa of Clinton, Washington with The Little Yoga Studio. Sarah is a first-time entrant to the Creatin’ Contest. “I have been tracking the contest for years now, and finally got up the courage to enter. I have loved minis my whole life, but haven’t always given myself the space or time to really create with them until now. I was excited that this kit had the bones of some traditional architecture. I love crafting mini architectural details, and this offered me a great canvas for that. I am really happy with the yoga studio room, and wish I could attend a class there! It was a hard space to find products for, so my friend 3-D printed the weights for me. This is a unique hobby that I have been shy about in the past, but is so rewarding and an incredible creative outlet.”

Third place is by Bonnie Cross of Union City, Pennsylvania with her project, My Minka. “I am so over the moon excited!” This year’s kit had roof lines that lent themselves easily for the curvature of the standard Japanese roof. “The whole interior of My Minka is what I like best about my project. Although the roof comes in a close second, and I love the complete project. My advice to hobbyists is when deciding your next project to build, consider what is unique and unusual. But it is also important to love your idea and pay attention to every detail.”

Bonnie Cross – Third Place Winner

There were also six first time entry winners and eight honorable mention winners.

The new 2019 Creatin’ Contest (and 26th Annual) features the Serendipity Shed Kit. Entries are due by December 16, 2019 and you can order the kit online here. The grand prize is a $1,000 HBS/miniatures.com gift certificate. Gift certificates will be awarded ($500, $300, $200 for first place, second and third), plus up to $1,000 in gift certificates divided among the top first-time entrants. All entrants receive a thank you prize. For details on the 2019 contest, visit miniatures.com/Creatin-Contest.aspx today.

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Michelle Mohacsi – First-Time Entry Winner for “German Weekend Haus”
Sue Roberts – First-Time Entry Winner for “Three Gables Bookshop”
Michelle Mohacsi


Sue Roberts
Beth Morris – First-Time Entry Winner for “Tiny’s Tinies”
Michell Bryant & Lamon Small – First-Time Entry Winner for “Papa’s Cabin”