Daily Mini Exclusive: Zagat Serves up Miniature Food at “Tiny Cafe” in New York City

Zagat Opens “Tiny Cafe” Pop-up in Astor Place, NYC
Proving Small Reviews are Easier to Digest, Miniature Enthusiasts Can Enjoy Tiny Food October 27-29 in Celebration of Zagat’s 2017 NYC Restaurants Guide Launch

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imageFor over three decades, Zagat has summarized the thoughts and opinions of diners around the world to help people find the best places to eat and drink. In celebration of Zagat’s 2017 New York City Restaurants Guide Launch, a Tiny Cafe will open in Astor Place from 11AM – 7PM from Thursday, October 27 to Saturday, October 29. Miniature enthusiasts and foodies alike are invited to the corner of Astor Place and Cooper Square to enjoy free edible dishes in miniature from some of the city’s best restaurants in their respective cuisine categories.


Proving small reviews are easier to digest, these nimble culinary wizards will craft tiny-yet-perfect versions of their signature dishes; Tiny Cafe will feature miniature tacos from Los Tacos, miniature pizza and burgers from Emily, and miniature chocolate chip cookies from Jacques Torres. At this one-of-a-kind pop-up cafe, visitors can taste these mini creations, snap Instagram-worthy photos of a tiny food display featuring additional Zagat rated restaurants such as Magnolia Bakery, and watch hands meticulously assemble tiny food.

img_3189For those that don’t want to miss the live action, check out the cafe live via Zagat’s Periscope and follow along with #TinyCafe.

pasted-image-0Zagat believes that tiny food, just like their reviews, are better when they are easy to consume and crafted by experts. With Zagat’s recent rebranding and new iPhone app now available for download, the goal is still simple: to help readers cut through the clutter and provide premium restaurant guidance from a trusted voice in tiny, yet perfect, reviews.

For more information on Zagat’s Tiny Cafe, head on over to zagat.com. We’ll hope to see you at the Tiny Cafe from October 27-29! Can’t make it? Follow along on Periscope, Instagram, or check out photos and videos tagged with #TinyCafe.