Daily Mini Interview: Miracle Chicken Miniatures

Miracle Chicken Miniatures

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How did you first get started in miniatures?

2Loving all things miniature is my oldest memory. As a child I loved to draw and create things. So as I grew up, I discovered I could make my own dollhouse miniatures. I began carving animals from wood for a sculpture art project at the end of 12th grade. I hated that orange clay on my hands so I rummaged through a drawer in the art room and found an X-ACTO knife and some wood. I carved animals for my project and never looked back! My mother also loved miniatures and bought me every piece of 1964 Petite Princess furniture.

Where does the name “Miracle Chicken” come from?1

Miracle Chicken is the name of a beautiful, sweet, little hen that I hatched. I was her mother, I brought her into the world. I named my business after her. You can read her short story here and see pictures of her.

How long does it take you to make a miniature? 

I make so many different kinds of miniatures… carving animals, carving fine furniture, even toothpick and match stick carving. One example would be it takes weeks to carve an animal in 1:12 scale and then painstakingly applying the fur.

1-1What materials do you use to make your miniatures? 

Mostly wood. The wood I use is Jelutong for the animals. Cherry and pear for the furniture.

What inspires you?

Seeing a picture of a particular animal or pose that I want to do.

What’s to come from Miracle Chicken?

I plan to keep making and furring animals. I do custom commissions: your pet from your photographs.tray

Advice for beginner artists and miniaturists?

1) Trust your gut.
2) Necessity is the mother of invention.
3) Junk is your friend!

Miracle Chicken Miniatures is made possible by Linda Master of Dexter City, Ohio. Check out many more of her wonderful miniatures on the Miracle Chicken website, Miracle Chicken blog, or head on over to Etsy, eBay and Facebook to see what’s new.