Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by Tiziana Candito

Miniatures by Tiziana Candito

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009How did you start making miniatures?

My miniatures were born after an evolution with polymer clay, which gives me a lot of hours (years) of satisfaction. Mainly, I use it to make costume jewelry, but at a certain point, I felt the need to make something else. In researching how to make jewelry on the Web, I discovered how many things are possible to make with polymer clay.

It has opened a world right in front of me, and it kicked off something that stimulated my creativity in an irreversible and always new way, guiding me every day in new creations.

What advice would you give to new miniaturists?

If you are master of a material, I advise you to see all the possible things that other artists are able to do. Follow your instinct and try something new. It may then become a passion. Everything comes naturally.

002How has your work with miniatures evolved?

I started following the tutorials of other artists and began making food miniatures. But, after several attempts — some good, some less — I realized it wasn’t what I’m passionate for. Meanwhile, my sister asked me to create a pair of miniature shoes, and I had so much fun to see the final result, without following any tutorial or indication. I understood I can create whatever I want without any help and I started to imagine how many things I could possibly make… after all these years, I am still continuing to imagine and create!

What miniatures are most challenging for you to create? 

The fact that I find a way to exceed my limits, leads me to find something challenging with each of my creations. I try to eliminate the barriers of possibility and in doing so, the dedication is always a lot.

Do you have a favorite miniature?

All are significant and all contain the emotions that I felt when I created them. And they contain the emotion that I felt when people saw and appreciated them.

004What miniatures do you most enjoy making?

I enjoy making reconstructions of environments, in scale, creating everything as realistically as possible. I like to contextualize and assemble miniatures to create decorations that have a utility, such as business card holders, bookends, doors, or more. The single miniature is fun only if it is unique.

Do you ever make the same miniatures again?

Just for sales, I remake objects I already created earlier, but I don’t make them identical. I always put in some variation and avoid rebuilding it in the same way. I try to remake creations that each have their own soul.

Favorite miniature(s) by another artist?

Every day I see the fantastic work of so many artists, and what most strikes me is the inspiration that guided them.

When I first got started in this fantastic world of miniatures, each artist seemed extraordinary. When I made my first attempt and followed a tutorial, I began to understand who is really good. Now, I recognize artists who have good manual dexterity and who have something extra. Some of them still leave me amazed.

017What miniatures would you like to make in the future? 

They are many, too many! I love challenges and I know the limits of the materials I use. In any case, I’d like to build a large diorama, where you can put many objects that still have yet to be created.

Where does your inspiration come from?

In the real world, I do not know anyone who collects or creates miniatures, but I’m happy to let people fall in love and discover this little world which fascinates them too.

In the rest of the world, however, there is a widespread passion that kidnapped me.

What is the greatest satisfaction you receive from making miniatures? 

In addition to the sense of freedom and pleasure in creating them, the reaction of those who see my creations in person. It gives me something that no words can explain.

Tiziana Candito absolutely loves creating miniatures. To see more of her work, visit her website, shop the collection on Etsy, or follow along on social media: FacebookInstagramPinterestGoogle+, and Twitter.

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