Daily Mini Interview: Gulipeksanat Miniatures by Gül İpek

Gulipeksanat Miniatures by Gül İpek

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www.gulipeksanat.com By Gül ipek 2016What’s your earliest memory with miniatures? What was the first miniature you made?

When I was five years old, I mixed water and flour and made dough. From that dough, I made a rose which then I painted red. Since it was made of dough, I could not keep it sadly.

How did you first get started making miniatures? 

I was 16 when I made my first real miniature, which was a greengrocer. I have always been a creative and imaginative person, and miniatures were a way to express it.

What is your favorite type of miniature to make?

I love making miniature version of old doors from all around the world. To think about the things these doors “experienced and witnessed” is really amazing.

Do you have a clay preference?

Homemade clays are perfect for flowers but professional clays like FIMO are really suitable for figures and food even though I like papier-mâché more.

Miniature tools / Jaguar xke 2+2 1966 By Gül ipek www.gulipeksanat.com

Miniature Makeup Products By Gül ipek 2016Favorite miniature you own?

I do not have an exact favorite, but I am a huge fan of people that make miniatures out of glass, for instance chandeliers and perfume bottle miniatures.

What is the miniature industry like in Turkey today? 

Miniatures are not a common art in Turkey. There is no miniature-focused education or workshops, so people can not get into the field readily. But in time, there will be more options for people, I hope.

What’s to come from Gül Ipek?

At the end of 2016, I will be having a big exhibition of my miniature world doors collection.

Favorite saying?

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” —Pablo Picasso

Gulipeksanat Miniatures by Gül İpek are created in Istanbul, Turkey. To see more of Gül’s miniature doors and more, visit the Gulipeksanat website today. You can also follow her accounts on InstagramFacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Don’t forget to check out Behance, too!

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