Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by The Clay Kitchen

Miniatures by The Clay Kitchen and “Clay Girl”

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What’s your earliest memory with miniatures?

My earliest memory is when I went to a glassblowing place and they had tiny figures of animals made from glass. They were all piled in a bowl. I remember being fascinated by them and how they clinked together when sorting through them. I bought a bunch.

How did you first get started making miniatures?

I first got started because I used to go to occupational therapy because I have really weak muscles. They made me knead a type of putty to build strength in my hands. That was really boring, so I started making little “meals” out of the putty. I’ve since left the putty behind. Hey, polymer clay keeps me toned!

Do you remember the very first miniature you ever made? 

I made a slice of watermelon. I thought it was the greatest thing. My mom still has it.

What is your favorite type of miniature to make?

I love making food the most. I enjoy it because with each try I challenge myself to see how realistic I can make it. I also enjoy it because I spend a lot of time with my grandma, who loves to cook. I often try to make what she is making and she gets a kick out of it. After all, my clay station is in her kitchen next to the fridge.

What is the most challenging miniature to sculpt?

I find making meat, like steaks, the most challenging. I just can’t seem to capture the texture.

Maybe it’s because I’m a vegetarian.

What advice would you give to new miniaturists?

My advice would be to just keep working at it. Have fun.

All of my beginning pieces were pretty awful but I loved the intimacy of my little creations. I still need all the advice I can get. Right now it’s just trial and error.

What inspires you?

Donuts and nice people.

What is your hope for the field of miniatures? 

I hope that it becomes more popular and more accessible to people other than artisans and collectors.

Favorite miniature artists? 

Oh gosh, there are so many. Some of my favorites include minithaiss, handmademiniaturesbyalma, fairchildart, and sugarcharmshop.

Why miniatures?

There is something just fascinating about miniatures. As you work on them, or even look at them, your whole world scales down and you are drawn in. It’s like having an Alice in Wonderland moment without the “Eat Me” cake.

Miniatures appeal to me because I like people’s reaction to them and I also find making them very relaxing. Very zen some would say.

What’s to come from The Clay Kitchen and Clay Girl? 

Well, I am going to continue to try and get better. Practice makes perfect. I also have started to branch out and create objects, not just food. Currently, The Clay Kitchen is creating real estate inside of walnuts, stay tuned!

Words you live by?

“Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.” —William Shakespeare

Favorite miniature quote?

“Do small things with great love.” —Mother Teresa

Other activities you enjoy?

I love to read. I also enjoy drawing and doing absolutely nothing.

Anything else you want to add? 

With time, I hope I can find my place in the world of miniatures. I am just starting out and would love advice, feedback, and a little bit of love.

Would you like to share a dailymini exclusive with readers? 

Well, I just turned 13, so wish me luck!

The Clay Kitchen or “Clay Girl” was created by Malena S. who is based in the Bronx, New York. To see more of her miniature work, please follow along on Instagram and like The Clay Kitchen on Facebook.