Daily Mini Interview: Miniature Weapons by Miniature Army

Functional Mini Weapons by Miniature Army

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1imageTell us a bit about Miniature Army. 

We’re located in both Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. We started promoting our brand first and foremost on Instagram and it proved to be a great success for us. In less than 2 months, we had more than 10,000 followers, which was something we did not expect. People liked our products, and this motivated us even more. We’re up to 30,000 followers now and growing!

First miniature weapon memory?

More than a year ago, when I saw a video of a miniature pinfire gun shooting. I was truly stunned by the power it had, this made me think how astonishing would be to have one. I started researching and I saw that there are so little craftsmen who can make them. I contacted most of them. I offered to five of them the opportunity to expand their incredible talent and turn it into business, and they loved the idea.

Who is part of the Miniature Army team?

Our team is now made of 7 people: five craftsmen, one marketing director, and myself. We are not a big company for now, but we enjoy working together.

imageWhat’s your favorite miniature weapon?

My favorite weapon made by Miniature Army is the one of one AK47, which is a miniature and functional copy of Osama bin Laden’s famous solid gold AK47. It took more than 170 working hours to make.

What miniature weapons are growing in popularity these days?

In the past 8 months, I have seen a lot of 2mm pinfire guns, however my favorite one is the French-made Le Petit Protector. This is a very beautiful ring gun, made in the early 1800s. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it.

Why miniatures?

For me the miniatures are a breath of fresh air in this highly technological time…

Based in Bulgaria and the UK, Miniature Army is composing a whole new world of miniature weapons. Miniature Army represents the precision of worldwide craftsmanship, accompanied by the love to weapons. Shop their collection now on the Miniature Army website and follow along today on Instagram.