Daily Mini Interview: Creative Miniature Photoshoots by Beaver Suit

Beaver Suit’s Unique Miniature Photography

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beaversuit1Where did the idea for Beaver Suit come from?

Just a twinkle in a little brain cell that came to fruition as all creatives will understand! More than his character, I hope to show what living in the moment is all about. Beaver Suit does everyday things and enjoys them all. He is very Zen I suppose! What is also important to me is that he makes a smile happen, even for a very brief moment!

How many Beaver Suit characters are there in total?

Currently seven that I know of… but he has lots of friends, birds, insects, and more!

beaversuit5Do you ever take Beaver Suit on the road with you?

I’m not keen on taking Beaver Suit out of his element, as the one I live in is very big!

Anything you’ve learned about photography through your work with Beaver Suit?

I’m certainly not a photographer and I am always learning better ways of capturing Beaver Suit doing what he does.

What types of Beaver Suit photography shots are the most challenging for you?

I enjoy the process so much that I don’t find it challenging, just a matter of problem solving I suppose.

beaversuit4Do you have an affinity towards miniatures? 

I do! From a very young age I have been an artist and maker. I also created my own small characters from many different mediums.

What’s something about Beaver Suit that people don’t know?

What a great question! He is 4 inches tall, likes dessert a lot, and is a Libra.

What inspires you?

Many things! By just opening my eyes and looking around, slowing down, and paying attention, I am never uninspired.

What is the most memorable miniature you have ever seen?beaversuit2

Haha, I would say Beaver Suit!

What’s to come from Beaver Suit?

Christmas should be a fun time around the old Beaver Pond, and a few other celebrations are in the works!

Advice for beginner artists?

Advice for artists and everyone: Play a lot. Laugh a lot. Don’t worry a lot!

Other activities you enjoy?

As with Beaver Suit, I play the ukulele, paint, draw, sculpt, sew, knit, and more! He is a bit of an athlete and a cook… which I am not!

Beaver Suit and his creator both live in Canada! Did you know that the beaver is the national animal of Canada? Follow Beaver Suit’s adventures on Instagram!