Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by Emi’s Bakery

Miniatures by Emi’s Bakery

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How did you first get started in miniatures?

dMy love and interest for miniatures started when I was around 6 years old. My parents bought me a lot of PLAYMOBIL sets and my dad made me a dollhouse for my PLAYMOBIL family. That was also the time I got in touch with polymer clay, as I used to make little snacks and accessories to go along with my sets. The love slowly faded away, and after a few years, my dollhouse and miniatures were relocated to the attic.

I rediscovered the world of polymer clay miniatures in 2013. One day, while watching videos on YouTube, I found a few channels with all sorts of polymer clay food tutorials. I immediately became enthusiastic again, and decided that I wanted to give it another try. I got hooked ever since.

What materials and tools do you use to make miniatures?

sThe main material I use is polymer clay. I use the brand FIMO as this is the only brand that is available in craft stores in my area (The Netherlands). Besides clay, I also like to make miniatures from paper, wood, or plastic.

My tools range from store-bought items like ball tools, needles, X-ACTO knives and brushes, to random items I have lying around (such as toothpicks, bottle caps, drinking straws, and more). For shading, I use chalk pastels.

Advice for new miniaturists?

  • Have a look around on YouTube and Pinterest, there are loads of free and easy tutorials to get you started with polymer clay and making miniatures.
  • Your work doesn’t have to be perfect at once. Making miniatures is a learning process, and you learn by trial and error.
  • Look around you, you can make miniatures from the most random items. The question “what can I use this material for?” pops up often in my mind.
  • Do not compare yourself with others. You are you and you have your own unique style, be proud of your work.

Fellow miniaturists that inspire you?

PetitPlat, Toni Ellison, and Bon AppetEats. Toni Ellison was the first to reintroduce me to the miniature food world with her tutorial videos on YouTube. I really enjoyed all her tutorials as it helped me when I just started making miniatures. Not long after that, I got in touch with the amazing work of PetitPlat and Bon AppetEats, they have been an inspiration ever since.

aWhat is the most memorable miniature you have seen by another artist?

The miniature brand Nunu’s House made by artist Tomo Tanaka are all very unique and memorable to me.

Why miniatures? 

One of the reasons I love miniatures so much is because you can make whatever you want. One of my childhood dreams was to have my own bakery or tea room with my own pastries, cakes, pies and treats. Even though I will not be able to realize this, I am able to realize it in miniature by making my own bakery roombox.

Upcoming projects planned? New minis in the works?

I have not done any shows or exhibitions yet and I’m not planning on doing so in the near future. As for my planned and ongoing projects: I’m currently working on my own miniature ice cream parlour roombox and have some more ideas for other roomboxes (bakery, garden, etc.). Besides roombox ideas, I plan on making more little set-ups and just random food miniatures. I would also love to make more non-food related miniatures (i.e. the garden roombox and anime-themed miniatures).ffff

Next to my personal work, I take commissions. I have not had many sales yet, but the miniatures I did make for commissions are all around the world now. I’m also a contributor of tutorials for the miniature and dollhouse magazine of The Netherlands.

Other hobbies you enjoy? 

I’m currently working at a primary school where I help children who fall behind a bit with reading and math. Next year, I will continue my student life as I’m enrolled for my master’s degree in Educational Science. Hobbies I enjoy are: being creative, cooking, baking, reading, watching manga and anime, and gaming.

What do you want miniature fans to know about you?

I’m always up for a chat about miniatures!

Emily Leenes lives in The Netherlands. You can enjoy her Emi’s Bakery miniatures on DeviantArt and Facebook.