Daily Mini Interview: Miniaturas en FORJA

Miniaturas en FORJA

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Why miniatures? 

Miniatures inspire me to create, and to create anything of this size. I am attracted by the shape of the materials and the way my fingers can create something even more beautiful than I thought was possible.

My hope is to further introduce the miniature craft to fans around the world and to meet other artisans from other countries.

What materials do you use to make your miniatures?10974226_389413697887308_5275681234836128931_o

Sheet iron, copper, brass, wire, iron rods, and more. Materials vary based on the miniature. A variety of examples can be viewed on Facebook.

Were you formally trained in the arts?

I am self taught. I do not look at anyone’s work. I draw sketches before I begin to create a miniature.

Advice for beginner artists and miniaturists?

Perseverance and patience.


You guessed correctly: “miniaturas” is the Spanish word for miniatures. To see more of Jose’s detailed miniatures, head over to Facebook.