Daily Mini Interview: Made by Lee Miniatures

Made by Lee Miniatures

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dailymini-11080024_703142446482044_7687678298332913364_oWhat types of miniatures do you create and why?
Right now, I make polymer clay food, dollhouse furniture and other various miniatures. I find it very fascinating to create food miniatures, and I think I’ll keep on doing that. On the other hand, I’m planning to develop my skills by making other types of miniatures.

What materials do you use to make miniatures?
Polymer clay, wire, metal, wood (often balsa), cardboard, and paper.

How long have you been been creating miniatures?
I started making clay charms in August 2013. In November 2013, I created my first miniature scene.

Accounts or artists you look to for inspiration?
I love the work of Tanja from Sugarcharmshop and Tomo Tanaka from Nunu’s House. And of course the many different artists featured on The Daily Miniature!

Advice for beginner artists and miniaturists?
Find your own style and love what you do. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your creations are. When you practice, you will be rewarded.

Most difficult miniature you’ve ever tried to create?
I tried once to make a chessboard but it was very difficult. I hope to find a way to make it better!

Favorite miniature you have made?
dailymini-10985192_707122249417397_4538086446169659520_nI like a cookie baking scene I made a few weeks ago.

Most memorable miniature you have ever seen?
There are so many cool pieces I’ve come across. I love Halloween scenes with bones and other creepy, strange stuff.

What appeals to you most about what you do?
I can create my own world and fascinate other people.

Other hobbies you enjoy?
I like horseback riding, singing, reading, caring for my animals, and helping animals in need.

Do you work on miniatures full time?10805792_636017849861171_3831657035468988290_n
No, I am a student. After finishing school, I want to study veterinary medicine, but I’m sure that making miniatures will stay a fascinating hobby.

What’s to come from Made by Lee Miniatures? 
I want to start a project against animal cruelty (definitely in miniature scale), as well as make my own tutorials on YouTube and my blog.

Stay tuned for many (mini) more adventures in miniature food by Germany’s Lee Ann. Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, or visit her blog.