Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by Lamis Minis

Miniatures by Lamis Minis

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How did you first get started in miniatures? Where does the interest stem from?

I already had a dollhouse as a kid and my mom and I bought stuff for it, even when I was a teenager. We never sold it and about 10 years ago, we discovered that there are whole shows only for miniatures. Lamisminis5My first visit was to one in Gießen, Germany, and I did not know where to look first, I was overwhelmed. I never knew you could do stuff for your house on your own. That’s when I started my first attempts with Fimo and other materials. In 2009, I attended a workshop a friend of mine taught: orchids. I fell in love with making flowers and that’s what I’m doing now. I’ve been making miniatures for 10 years now, and working on miniature flowers for almost 6 years.

Do you sell miniatures on a full-time basis?

No, I’m still a student and have a full-time job to pay my bills. But making minis as a profession is my dream. And I’m working on making it come true at the moment.

How has your work in miniatures evolved?

Generally I tried almost everything you can imagine. I did food, I built my own furniture, I did embroidery, I did my own dolls, animals…and so on. But when I did my first flower, I knew, that’s my real passion. I was very proud of my first ones. Today I think, “Gosh, what have I done?” They developed over the years and I was quite satisfied with them until last year. That’s when I first saw Beth Freeman-Kane’s scenes. I was in awe – and terribly depressed at the same time. But I got over this depression and decided that I wanted to get better and as close to perfection as possible. I started doing really high class minis and I don’t regret it.

lamisminis4What types of materials do you use to make miniatures?

Mostly paper and paper-covered wire. But I always use whatever creates the best illusion for a life-like plant.

Advice for beginner artists and miniaturists?

No one is born a master. That’s not only about flowers but everything regarding minis. You have to practice to get better. And no one can master everything. Me for example, I will never ever learn how to knit. No way. So don’t be disappointed, if you’re not satisfied with what you’ve done. Just try it again. It’s all about try and error.

Tool you can’t live without?lamisminis1

My tweezers. I wouldn’t be able to do anything without them.

Favorite miniature you own by another artist?

I own a chipmunk made by Beth and I love it!

Most treasured miniature you’ve made?

I rebuilt my own bedroom. It’s a nice memory, especially since we moved to a new apartment.

What’s been the most difficult miniature to create and why?

I create many miniature plants that are very time-consuming. Some of them take days to finish. But the mini I really hated when I did it was a small stuffed elephant. I bought a kit (huge mistake) and when it came to turning the trunk I really lost my temper and threw it against the wall. But I finally finished it and never ever sewed one again, but I’m good about buying finished ones (made by Shirley Scheibehenne).

lamisminis3Fellow miniaturists that inspire you?

Absolutely Beth. I love her creations. She was my inspiration to make my miniatures even better, and it was a pleasure to meet her for the first time this year in Chicago.

Why miniatures? What appeals to you most about what you do?

Even if I don’t have any patience in real life, I can sit hours and hours at my desk finishing just one flower or something else. You can build whatever you want, there are no limits. I think that’s what I like most. Everything is possible, you only have to imagine it.

Upcoming news you’d like to share?

My next miniatures show is in Mannheim this November, so there’s plenty of time to work on different projects until then. And, I just received my IGMA Artisan membership and I’m so proud of it. I really hope to attend the IGMA Guild School some day, and maybe I will teach some classes there one day too.

Other activities you enjoy?

The only thing left except for making minis is decorating our apartment and sleeping. I loooove to sleep.

What do you want miniature fans across the world to know about you?

I really love what I’m doing and I hope you can see that in my work. I hope I can bring some joy with my flowers and plants into your dollhouses.

And I want to encourage especially younger people like me to start with miniatures! Don’t be intimidated by all the great artists out there. They all started at some time. It’s a fantastic hobby and not only for older crafters. It’s so much fun to do, just try it!

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