Daily Mini Interview: InchScaled Miniatures

InchScaled Miniatures by Victoria Morozova

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15332179993_96158e0a92_oDo you remember the very first miniature you ever made? 

My first miniature was a roombox where almost everything was made with polymer clay: flowers, pots, the door. My only problem was with furniture: I had no idea how to make it. My first item was a wicker armchair. It was far from perfect, that’s why the first thing I bought after that was a scrollsaw.

One chair is lost, but I still have that very first roombox, though I’ve never taken any photos of it.

15257547723_7f90fc35af_oWhat is your favorite type of miniature to make?

I enjoy making furniture, probably because when I started making miniatures, it was the most challenging work. I didn’t know anything about woodworking back then, so every item was very difficult to make, and I only had a scrollsaw and a lathe at the time. Making furniture makes you study lots of things like woodcarving, marquetry and inlay, different decoration techniques, and more. It’s never boring and you can tell a story with every item you make. I also enjoy making bobbin lace in miniature. I don’t have enough time for that, but I don’t want to give up; it’s a beautiful craft.

15906070838_319cac2a72_o (1)What is the most challenging miniature to make?

I’m self-taught, so every item has something new for me. It can be difficult in construction or I need to make a complicated marquetry design. I think the most challenging work was a roombox I made for a museum of art miniatures in the Czech Republic. It was a copy of a painting by Cornelis De Man, and we had to be precise in historical details and the color palette. The whole project took about a year, but it’s one of my favorite works. I’d do something like it again, no doubt.

Who are some of your favorite miniature artisans?

I have lots and lots of names on my mind. My first inspiration was Ferd Sobol‘s fantastic furniture. I could look at the work in progress photos for hours, literally. All those jigs looked fascinating! Then I started building my own, but I still love checking Ferd’s website to check his new work, I wish I had a chance to see it in person. I was lucky once to get an email from him!

22934733771_0d69bc7de9_o (1)Why miniatures?

Miniatures are universal. Miniaturists from all over the world can appreciate the craft and hard work that goes into creating a universally known object in miniature form.

What’s to come from InchScaled?

On my to-do list is a roombox in Russian style, something that I was hoping to make for years. There will be beautiful decorated windows, furniture, and traditional textiles. I’m inspired by Chekhov short stories and his life. I also want to explore Russian modern furniture style (our Russian art nouveau style) and make my own interpretation of it.

Motto or words you live by?

Dream big, work hard!

InchScaled Miniatures is based in Moscow, Russia. To see more miniatures created by the artist, Victoria Morozova, check out the InchScaled website, Instagram, and Facebook page.