Daily Mini Interview: El Arte de Angelina

Miniatures by El Arte de Angelina

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What types of miniatures do you make these days?

I create a variety of miniature pieces such as sweets and desserts, books, furniture, architecture, crochet, and restoration pieces.

elartedeangelina-dailymini-interview-photo1What different kinds of materials do you use to make your miniatures?

I use what I have around me: paper leftovers, wire, fabric scraps, paints, and more. I support ecological and green design. For miniature food, I’ve discovered that I feel more confident using air-dry clay. Fimo Light is the brand that I’m currently using.

How long have you been working with miniatures?

I’ve been creating pieces for the past 5 years or so. But the passion began when I was 12 years old and it wasn’t until I was 18 that I began collecting miniature pieces.elartedeangelina-dailymini-interview-photo2

What accounts or artists do you look to for inspiration?

There are so many artists that I admire!! Betsy Niederer, Maritza Moran, James Carrington, and Christine-Léa Frisoni are just a few of a long list of people that impress me with their amazing talent. As for Instagram accounts I admire, there’s many including @yukitsplace@miniatureofrubyrose, @heavenly_cake and many, many more! Other artists I admire are from the movie industry like Tim Burton, LAIKA, and other stop motion animation professionals.

What advice would you share with new miniaturists and artists?

Be patient. Always use a reference for your work. Remember that imperfection is the secret to achieve perfection and realism. Be creative! Use what you have around you, and your “mini” eye will slowly develop.

elartedeangelina-dailymini-interview-photo3What’s new on your end?

I’m currently working on my first book! I’d like to show others how to create different kind of miniatures, architecture, decorations, and more.

What is your favorite miniature that you own or have made?

My favorite miniature is an old, French-style cottage room box that I made sometime ago. I tried many different techniques and that  allowed me to learn a lot through the process. In fact, I’m still adding details to it from time to time!

Do you create miniatures full-time?

No, I don’t. But I love running my Etsy shop and have to say that it’s been doing well. It took time and I’m very happy with it at the moment!

What appeals to you most about what you do?elartedeangelina-dailymini-interview-photo4

The possibility of recreating a world in small scale is inherently appealing. And so is the amount of imagination I have to use every day to be able to do it!

What is the most unique miniature you have ever seen?

The coolest miniature I’ve ever seen was Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle. The sheer amount of one-of-a-kind pieces and the degree of craftsmanship is simply beyond amazing! As for the strangest and most remarkable miniature I’ve ever seen… this would have to be medical equipment done by Northern Lites.

elartedeangelina-dailymini-interview-photo5What are some other hobbies you enjoy?

I love reading! I also enjoy cooking, costume design, gardening, watching movies, and going to the park for a run.

Angelina is currently based in Argentina. For more of her magnificent miniature adventures, head to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, shop her store, visit her website, or check out her blog.