Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by Cutchi Cutchi

Miniatures by Cutchi Cutchi

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image2.PNGWhat’s your earliest memory with miniatures?

My earliest memory with miniatures was going to the children’s museum in Chicago and always wanting to go to the “miniatures” room that they had there. I was always inspired by them, and I started seeing artists recreating tiny miniature babies in clay, and I started sculpting them. I always thought that anything that was miniature was cuter, so I began sculpting anything I could see in miniature scale: vases, school supplies, plates, etc.

What was the first miniature you made?

I don’t remember my first miniature, but I do remember it as being a baby. (A very ugly baby!)

image3.PNGWhat are your favorite miniatures to create?

One of my favorite miniatures to make are pencils, because they are simple to make, and easy to make look realistic.

What technique challenges you?

A very challenging technique I have learned is making anything hollow without a mold, such as a vase, bowl, or container.

Who inspires you?

One of the most inspiring artists I have come across is Sugarcharmshop on YouTube and Instagram. She is incredible, and makes her creations very realistic.

Advice for new artists?

Something I would tell beginning artists is, and I’m sure you’ve heard it one too many times, “Practice makes perfect.” It’s true!

image1.PNGWhat are you working on next?

I am starting and will continue to start on my idea of “scenes.” I have a good description of what they are on my website that I’m currently working on.

Anything you would like to add?

Lastly, what I want to let new and old artists know is that I am constantly learning new things every day, just like you. I always look at the new methods on sculpting, assembly, and selling my miniatures. There’s plenty I have learned, and there’s plenty I still have to learn.

Isabel Newman is the founder and owner of Cutchi Cutchi, based in Vernon Hills, Illinois. To see more of her creations, visit Instagram and YouTube