Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by Craftingbeshop

Miniatures by Craftingbeshop

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015How did you first get started in miniatures?

I watched the movie 13 Going on 30 when it first came out, and I absolutely fell in love with Jenna Rink’s dollhouse. After I watched that movie, I started making my own dollhouses out of cardboard boxes, foam board, and random household items. I even made my own furniture and decorations. Over time I’ve gradually improved my artistry.

1610978_1038999306110248_4686738076340400397_nWhat’s your favorite miniature?

My “Harry Potter” series is my favorite miniature(s) at this moment. But aside from myself, I was inspired to get heavily into the miniature making business by Tanja from Sugarcharmshop. I love all of her work.

Why miniatures? What appeals to you most about what you do?

I’m really not quite sure why I am specifically drawn to miniatures. I have just always loved them for as long as I can remember. Everything about them is so cute and adorable. I think deep down, somewhere in my subconscious, it’s because I can be a kid at heart when I make miniatures. I’ve always been surrounded by dollhouses and miniature items; I had 3 different dollhouses growing up so it’s also always been something I’ve just “known.”unnamed (3)

What’s to come from Craftingbeshop?

I’m currently making mini movie props for various classic movies that most people are familiar with. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see my daily progress. I’ll have Lord of the Rings mini props in the near future!

Craftingbeshop is currently based in the hills of eastern Kentucky, in Morehead. You can shop her miniatures on Etsy, or follow along on Instagram and Facebook for many (mini) more photos!