Daily Mini Interview: Sweetbriar Miniatures

Sweetbriar Miniatures 

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tumblr_mdl00a22es1rb7q21o2_1280How did you first get started in miniatures? 

From an early age, I collected miniatures and wanted to get more into the dollhouse hobby, but when I was younger, it was very difficult to find houses and other pieces that weren’t designed to look 200 years old! So my interest stopped until I decided to create my own miniatures based on the world today, with modern meals, shabby chic decor, and food from around the world.

Do you have a favorite type of miniature you enjoy creating?

tumblr_m7mnf6q1my1rb7q21o1_500I like creating preparation sets, and have a couple I am working on at the moment. At the moment, I am enjoying creating savory pieces, which is slightly against the curve as bakery designs are very ‘in’ at the moment. I love creating seasonal pieces such as for Christmas, and I love spending time looking at others’ work to inspire me. I also like surprising my partner by creating his favorite meals and putting them in front of him at dinner time.

What unique materials have you used to make your miniatures?

Not unique materials as such, but the most inane household products can sometimes create the best effects or become makeshift molds when starting out on an idea. Hello, toothbrush, tin foil and sponges!

tumblr_n8rv9ylqtj1rb7q21o1_500Advice for new miniaturists?

Enjoy what you do and add your own creative flair! And don’t overdo it, as I found when I had carpal tunnel-like symptoms and had to rest my hands for three months.

Fellow miniaturists that inspire you?

There are lots! Instagram is the best way to find similar artists, and a great way to communicate through your work.

What inspires you?

I tend to spend half my time at restaurants taking photos or jotting down menu items to try and recreate at home in a smaller scale.

tumblr_m7wzbq00wj1rb7q21o1_1280Why miniatures? What appeals to you most about what you do?

It’s whimsical. I don’t have a dollhouse or own any dolls, but I just love working on tiny little pieces and try my hardest to make them look as realistic as I can. They’re like an illusion if you get the effect right.

What’s to come from Sweetbriar Miniatures?

I am working hard on new pieces to showcase and hope to open my Etsy shop soon. I am currently on maternity leave though, so my spare time is sparse at present!

Sweetbriar Miniatures is the work of Amy from Cambridge, England. To see many (mini) more of her lovely miniature food creations and more, follow along on Instagram!