Daily Mini Interview: Boutique Miniatures

Boutique Miniatures

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10306639_1617810578431040_82144154618900352_nHow did you first get started in miniatures?

I started making miniatures 5 years ago. For more than 18 years, I had worked on miniature wooden ship models. Though I enjoyed these simple wooden ship models, I wanted to transition to something with more energy, and I’ve found this energy in miniatures. It’s been very fun and exciting for me to create miniatures.

What materials do you use to make your miniatures?

There is no limit in materials when making miniatures. Any type of material (anything at all!) can be used during the creative process. It all comes down to achieving that “real” appearance with the miniature work. 1523453_1582235665321865_4409708103317702330_oI like battling with different materials. Most typically, I work with pear tree wood, brass, copper, and iron. A variety of my work can be viewed on Facebook.

Advice for beginner artists?

I would advise beginners to place high importance on scaling and achieving the correct scaled down dimensions. A caliper should be used at all times, and with great consideration.

Tool, material or technique you can’t live without?

10420345_1590995117779253_6619052733746069815_nI couldn’t do what I do without the pear tree. It feels like velvet. I also use two lathes, a micro planer, scroll saw, cut saw, thickness planer, table saw, circular saw, bench drill press, and disc sander in my workshop. I don’t use any chemicals in any of my works; all of my miniatures are completely natural.

Other activities you enjoy?

I enjoy photography and have spent time working in graphic design.

Fatih lives in Izmir, Turkey. For more of his fantastic miniatures, visit Etsy, InstagramFacebook or check out his previous work in wooden ship models.