Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by Alamedy Diorama

Miniatures by Alamedy Diorama

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InstagramHow did you first get started in miniatures? 

My story with the miniatures started when I was very young. I started reading at the age of 5 and that enhanced my imagination a lot. Since then, I always dreamed of making scenes that I had previously imagined in a small scale. Six years ago, I found by chance some kind of Balsa wood and immediately I decided to build my first project. It was a small farm scene. I searched the Internet for some help, but I didn’t know what it was called. Finally, I found the word “miniatures” and I was so happy to know that there are a lot of miniaturists around the world. I started to make friendships with these artisans and gradually my work began receiving attention. I started a Facebook account two years ago, and now I have more than 5,000 friends and followers from all around the world.