Daily Mini Interview: Miniatures by Sharlene Doucette

1:12 Scale Miniatures by Sharlene Doucette


How did you first get started in miniatures? Where does the interest stem from?

When I was 10 years old, I lived in Ontario, Canada and my mom took me to a craft store called White Rose to get something she needed. I saw all of these dollhouses on the shelves up high around the whole store. I was so in love and I know it was that moment in my life that began my love of miniatures.

How has your work with miniatures evolved?

My work with miniatures has evolved in that I now know I enjoy making smaller projects and scenes. I do like dollhouses but I like accomplishing something mini in a short time. I have had a dollhouse since 1998, and I plan on finishing it. Perhaps when that gets done, I will feel more accomplished in that area. I like my miniatures to look as realistic as possible. I prefer not to have people in my dollhouse but I know lots of people do. I think its great to have them but I like to look in and wonder what kind of people would live in it, and for it be a bit of a mystery.minimade1

Do you have a favorite type of miniature you like to create?

Over the years, I have come to love creating miniature scenes. They take less time and its almost like instant gratification. I have been working on a dollhouse on and off since 1998 and it’s still not done yet. The smaller scenes are nice to give away as gifts. I love miniature food too, especially the realistic ones with gravy and mashed potatoes that look good enough to eat.

INBOX23072unknownfilenameAdvice for beginner miniaturists?

I collected miniatures for a while before I started making anything. I just picked things that caught my eye. So, I would have to say my advice would be to pick what you like and go from there.

What inspires you?

What inspires me to make miniatures is usually looking on Pinterest and YouTube to see what others have made to get ideas. Mostly, I like going to shows to see other peoples’ creations and little things. Shows really inspire me.

minimadeWhat is the most memorable miniature you have ever seen?

One of the most unique miniatures I have seen is a roombox that was half college football Ohio State and their rival Michigan State on the other half of the roombox. It was very well done and a really neat idea.

Why miniatures?

I think I work with miniatures because it’s an escape for me. I like anything miniature that is like its counterpart in real life. What appeals to me most about what I do is that I try to make work as realistic as possible. Once I get started making something, my creativity overflows and I cannot stop.

dollhouseroom2015What are you working on now and next?

I currently am working on my dollhouse but have refocused and have a new plan to get it finished over the winter. I am collecting miniatures now to try to make my twin sister a cat roombox or scene. We call her the crazy cat lady.

I want to finish my dollhouse so I can perhaps put it on display in my front living room for people to see. I would also like to work on roomboxes afterwards and start making miniature food. I have found a liking for miniature food and making it look as realistic as possible.

What do you want miniature enthusiasts to know about you?

For many many years while I collected, I was so passionate about minis. I then got engaged, bought a house, got married and had two kids and moved to the States from Canada. So, time for making miniatures has not been on my side. However, I have never given up on my passion and I know one day I will find more time to do it.

I am Canadian, but live in the USA and the mini world seems to be a little more available down here in the U.S. Miniatures still get me excited and I always like to escape to my mini world when the big world seems too busy.

Sharlene Doucette lives in Pataskala, Ohio. She hopes to one day get more involved in selling miniatures and blogging her work with miniatures online.