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Miniature Photography Scenes by Miniatourists

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Converse11 Launch

How did you get started with this project? What inspired you to launch miniatourists?

I’ve always loved miniature things (who doesn’t right?), but I also have a love of travel (sun and sand especially), photography, and street art. Miniatourists help me bring those things together. Six years ago, I stumbled across Slinkachu’s work and was blown away by the creativity. His miniature art is tiny people in a big world. He’s super clever. My miniatourists are different as they are tiny people living large! I try and make it look like they are life-size doing their thing.

How long have you been involved with this miniature photography series?

My miniatourists have been such a wonderful creative outlet over the short time I have been traveling with them and bringing them to life. I photograph mini train figures as I travel or when I’m out and about in Australia. In each image, these miniatourists have names and tongue-in-cheek thoughts. I started taking the pics in June 2015 when I was in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Alaska. It’s been an amazingly fun year.

What do you enjoy most about your miniatourists miniature photography project?

It’s such a lot of fun and people often stop me as I’m shooting (only with my iPhone at this stage) and chat about what I’m up to. I’m usually lying on the ground so that always bring curiosity!

Car Club MeetWhat goes on behind the scenes of a miniatourists photoshoot? 

My partner often takes behind-the-scenes shots of me. I think he thinks it’s comical that I am on the ground placing the miniatourists in just the right way!

The shot from the Car Club day was full of very tough looking guys admiring all the cars and motorcycles… then there was me on the road with my iPhone and my tiny airstream!

What’s the creative process behind your miniatourists photographs?

I try and take the shots up close and on an angle to bring the miniatourists to life.

Memorable miniatourists moment to share?

One image (that was taken at a hotel in the U.S.) must have seemed more real than others as the hotel I took the image in asked me to remove the reference to their hotel as “we did not authorize a photo shoot at our hotel.”

Controversial miniatourists moment? 

There’s been a nude sunbathing image that caused quite the stir!

Diving off the Boat in Alaska_Behind the Scenes Diving off the Boat in Alaska

Do you have a favorite photo you’ve taken thus far?

I think my favorite has to be… well, I have two actually! One is the climbing picture, as I needed someone to hold the rock in mid-air so I could shoot the climber. My other favorite is the #notdrone image of the swimmer. I saw a gorgeous aerial drone image just like this a while back (of a real person swimming) and knew I wanted to replicate it with my minis. The palm tree reflection was hard to catch but I’m so happy with the result.

Miniatourists motto?

Miniature tourists getting out in a big world. All tiny people offered creative process input.

Nude SunbathingWhat photoshoot(s) have proved to be the most challenging and why? 

My first challenge is that I’m usually sitting on the ground. Sometimes that’s not awesome as it can be smelly or dirty.

The swimmer shot I took was going to be with a different swimmer… but several I tried just sank!

Also the first time the miniatourists went ‘climbing,’ I had been inspired by the awesome work of climbing photographer who is not only a huge talent, but has become a lovely supporter of my work. I set up the shot I was happy with and then realized I didn’t have any climbing language to bring it to life. I sent the pic to Todd Bukowski and he helped me phrase something authentic.

Do you have any favorite miniature artisans or miniature-centric work?

I love all miniature work. The amazing talent of the artists like @clayfigures729 who make tiny food and furniture like the amazing talents of Phillip Nuveen have me in awe. The patience and talent of these creators is just mind-blowing!

I also adore @mumblestohimself with his crayon artwork and @salavat.fidai is also incredible with his creations carved into the tops of pencils.

What’s to come from miniatourists? 

The miniatourists and I will keep traveling and searching out sun, sand, and street art to get amongst. Here’s hoping my cheeky commentary (that goes along with the pics) keeps people giggling and makes them smile. Let’s not sweat the small stuff… let’s celebrate the small stuff!

Dani Carey is the creator of miniatourists, based in Australia. Miniatourists has proved to be a wonderful creative outlet… these characters continue to come to life on the @miniatourists Instagram.

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