Daily Mini Feature: Miniature-In-Frame Painting by MayLina

Miniature-In-Frame Painting by Anastasiya Ivanova and Slava Krykanov of MayLina

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The team over at MayLina have done it again. They recently created a “miniature-in-frame” painting concept you have to see to believe. This 3D painting features handmade miniatures in a beautifully designed scene. Their first featured miniature-in-painting, titled French Morning, is available for purchase now through Etsy. Next up? A hippie girl morning scene!

The concept behind this piece was to open the world of miniatures to art fans and collectors. Often times those that love miniatures might not know what to do with them. MayLina has created a unique option and great gift idea. Miniatures fans alike can appreciate the hard work that goes into creating a three-dimensional work of art like this.

Find more photos below, and contact MayLina on Etsy or Instagram to learn more about miniature-in-frame pieces or to commission your own.



MayLina and miniature-in-frame paintings are the brainchild of polymer clay artist Anastasiya Ivanova and her woodworker collaborator Slava Krykanov. Learn more about their process and inspirations in an interview viewable here. These Moscow-based artisans have miniatures for sale on Etsy. Follow along to see what they’re creating on Pinterest and on Instagram at @maylina1 and @1dark3.