Daily Mini Interview: Miniature 3D Printing by Lance Abernethy

Lance Abernethy’s 3D-Printed Works in Miniature

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Lance-2015-04-3D-printer-shoot-020Tell us a bit about the conception of The World’s Smallest Circular Saw

It was just a natural progression from the miniature drill. I like to make and create things. Using power tools and 3D printers help me bring those things to life.

There are lots of things that get me excited and when I see something or come up with an idea I just want to have a go. The idea stems from joining multiple interests together but turning them into something different.

Daily Mini Interview: The World’s Smallest Portfolio by Michael William Lester

Michael William Lester Creates The World’s Smallest Portfolio
A tiny book of visual ideas

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How did you devise such the brilliant concept of The World’s Smallest Portfolio?

13The idea came from a great little self-promo brief by London illustration and animation studio, jelly London. The studio team asked students and graduates coming to their D&AD New Blood festival talk to get people talking about their own work. I knew I wanted to not just get people talking about my work as a whole, but specifically about the concepts rather than the style. So I set myself a challenge: “How could I present more of my ideas and less of my visual style?” My answer was to make something so small that only a really strong idea could still be communicated.